Martial Arts classes in Los Angeles County, CA

Dragon Martial Arts is based in Torrance, California. We are locally-owned and operated for over 8 years. We are governed by the USAT and Kukkiwon. USAT is the national governing body for the U.S. Olympic Committee and Kukkiwon is the official Taekwondo governing body. We have six (6) Masters on staff that are certified by the World Taekwondo Federation and Kukkiwon.

Why choose us?

  • 6 Masters on staff
  • 2 Masters are also International Taekwondo Referees
  • There are 2 Masters at each of our 3 locations
  • Students start at the age of 3 years and up
  • Students with special needs are welcome
  • Presidential Award for Physical Fitness Instruction
  • South Bay Award – Top Martial Arts School for last 3 years
  • One Uniform is included in the program

Class Descriptions

*** One Uniform is included in the program ***

Children's Class (Ages 3 to 10)

We are teaching them the virtue of respect and the art of discipline. Children are taught at a much slower pace than our older students. We believe that this will assist them in better understanding their bodies and allow them the ability to exude self-control.

Junior Class (Ages 11 to 18)

Taekwondo and self-defense classes are taken to a higher level in our junior classes. We emphasize more on competition, self-defense and weapons training that will be more practical in Middle and High school.

Adult Class (18+)

The adult curriculum focuses a lot more on stretching, endurance, and a more practical side of self-defense. Adults still learn and train in Taekwondo, but we focus more on Aikido and Hapkido along with Muay Thai. It's a relaxed fun class where everyone moves at their own pace.

Special Class: Anti-Bully (Ages 5 to 18)

Geared to help students understand how to identify a bully and how to deal with them in a manner appropriate to their circumstances.

Special Class: Women's Self-Defense (Ages 12 to 99)

Empowers women to feel confident when dealing with a male attacker. We teach practical techniques that will help a woman get away from her assailant.
Women's Self-Defense 2018
For more information about our classes, contact Dragon Martial Arts today at 310-370-9664. Serving Torrance, California, and the South Bay region of Los Angeles, California.